Naturally better 
We place sustainability features into every Finbar development to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Sustainability measures we have featured within certain developments include: 

Central heat pump 
Traditional electric storage hot water systems are not overly efficient. Installing a central heat pump hot water system can reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions by 65% or more. 

Reducing waste
Responsible waste collection and disposal is a major consideration for apartment developments. To reduce rubbish (and future landfill) space by up to 65%, our high-rise properties feature a mechanical bin compaction unit that works in tandem with a waste chute system. 

Double-glazed glass

In some developments, double-glazed glass possesses excellent thermal properties that reduce the need for excessive heating and cooling.

Taking cars off the road 

Our residents naturally have a reduced carbon footprint. This is because most of our developments feature attractive end-of-trip facilities (including bicycle parking) and are situated in the inner city, giving residents great alternatives to transportation by car. These include: 

  • The ability to walk to most amenities (and possibly their place of work) 
  • Free inner city public transport.