How to make your apartment balcony a functional haven

How to make your apartment balcony a functional haven

Apartment balconies are fast becoming an extension of our everyday living space. But how do you go about making this outdoor realm functional and aesthetically pleasing?

As prescribed by the Property Observer, we first need to look at balconies through the lenses of three P’s – people, pets and plants. A modern apartment balcony needs to be equipped to handle this trio – sometimes all at once.

Although it may seem like an impossible task while preserving your design integrity, you might only want to target one. Regardless which ‘P’ you want to accommodate, there are a few tips and tricks to help you along.

Apartments + Balcony + People

It’s tempting to squeeze a plush day bed and that ornamental piece you sourced in Bali onto your balcony. But you need to treat this outdoor design exercise much like you would a spring clean. Keep your declutter hat on at all times.

There are several nifty furniture hacks and DIY projects you could implement to help bring your apartment balcony to life such as:

  • Hanging up a hammock to create the ultimate relaxation zone.
  • Laying out a rug with a matching design to what you have indoors. This creates a common thread from the inside out.
  • Make a small fire pit using the design trend of the moment – It can get chilly outdoors in the winter, even in sunny Perth. Plus, gazing into the fire could help you unwind after a long day.
  • Segment a corner for your Zen/reading/pondering purposes with an L-shaped bench.

Apartment + Balcony + Pets

If you’re prepping your pooch for apartment living, there are a couple of items you want to be armed with:

When you’re equipped with these simple items, there’s no reason your pet’s apartment life can’t extend to your outdoor haven. After all, these furry creatures make for a happier, healthier home.

Apartment + Balcony + Plants

vertical garden

Image via  Constant Contact

Think you need acres of land to bring a garden to life or become the homegrown herb master? It’s easy to achieve both on your apartment balcony.

Apartments are all about convenience and ensuring as little upkeep as possible. These are concepts we don’t usually associate with gardening. But there are some quick, low-maintenance ways to create an urban garden sanctuary – minus the fuss.

  • Opt for cacti and succulents. They flourish under any condition and make for great decorative pieces.
  • Utilise empty space for your herb garden – no matter how tiny the space. Find those nooks and get planting.
  • Get vertical. If you lack floor space, consider how you could use the walls or vertical stands.
  • Switch up the placement. You can put a small pot in a high stand, hang plants over the ledge or suspend them from the ceiling.

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