Fairlanes Amphitheatre

You might remember it as the old Fairlanes Bowling Alley, but today Fairlanes has been transformed into a stunning Residential and Commercial building at 181 Adelaide Terrace in East Perth. 

Out the front on Adelaide Terrace, the Fairlanes Amphitheatre is an impressive street level plaza at the base of the building. Incorporating alfresco dining restaurants, as well as a tiered amphitheatre designed for quiet, ambient music performances, the performing arts facility is set to become a city attraction in itself. 

Transport to Fairlanes couldn't be easier. With a bus stop right literally on the doorstep, most Transperth buses that service the Terrace will drop you right out the front of Fairlanes. And if you're within the city in the Free Transit Zone, buses to Fairlanes are free! 

Local Artists Welcome!

We're always interested in hearing from local artists who are interested in performing at the Fairlanes Amphitheatre. Performances will be put on hold over the Winter months, but if you're interested in performing please email concertseries@finbar.com.au as we're always interested in considering local artists our Summer series.