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ESG at Finbar

Finbar's commitment 

develop better lifestyles
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As WA’s largest and most trusted apartment developer, Finbar is committed to operating in a manner that shows the highest levels of environmental, social and governance standards.

From its very early days, Finbar’s success has been guided by an ethos to have positive environmental and social impacts and to be ethical and transparent in its approach to meeting and exceeding all regulations that govern how it operates.

The company’s ethos is to develop better lifestyles for people and this guides the approach to ESG. Finbar strives to be a leader in WA, to be a trusted and respected joint venture partner, employer and neighbour to its stakeholders across the community.


minimise our carbon footprint & protect biodiversity
Tree Planting

Finbar has always focused on ways to improve its business, using innovative partnerships, techniques, design and materials to provide quality new apartments for people and improving the quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds.

With the UN* estimating that cities are responsible for 75% of our GHG emissions in transport and buildings, Finbar is a market leader in designing and developing apartment projects to minimise our carbon footprint and protect biodiversity, introducing features and materials that will help reduce future energy and water requirements.

The company has initiatives to integrate public artworks including indigenous design and cultural aspects into developments.

Finbar for everyone

affordable and diverse housing options

Further, incorporating affordable and diverse housing options where practicable to provide choice and agency for those who wish to live in high amenity locations across the housing continuum is a powerful positive social force that flows from Finbar’s developments throughout metropolitan Perth.

Listed on the ASX, the company fulfils its corporate obligations including taking a pro-active stance on the important issue of modern slavery, where it seeks to increase awareness and understanding in combatting this insidious problem. 


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