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Garden Towers

Garden Towers lives and breathes sustainability, architecturally

designed to achieve a NatHERS 7-Star energy rating. Through innovative

technologies that enhance efficiency and inspire low-impact living, we’re

treading the path towards a cleaner, brighter future.

  • Motion sensors will be installed in shared lobby areas and carpark levels to reduce energy consumption.

  • A bike share service with a selection of bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters to cater for the different recreational needs of residents will aid in the reduction of vehicle use.

  • Smart electrical meters in every apartment will allow occupants to monitor their power consumption in real time.

  • The installation of a centralised hot water system is more efficient than individual electric hot water systems.

  • The use of bubbledeck as a slab construction material reduces the use of concrete by a third. This system is used to remove transportation from roadways, accredited construction waste removal and recycling and careful material selection to reduce lifecycle impacts.

  • All plumbing fixtures are Watermark compliant and registered under the WELS scheme.

  • Solar photovoltaic system provides renewable power to common areas.

  • Double glazing to external apartment windows possesses excellent thermal properties that reduce the need for excessive heating and cooling.


Silent engines. Zero-emissions. The future of personal transport is electric – and the

journey begins now. Garden Towers is ready for tomorrow, with an allowance in building design

and management provisions that enable you to install an EV charging station on your car bay at

any time. Enjoy seamless transition to electric transport down the road, when you’re ready.


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