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Civic Heart

Sustainability is infused into the DNA of Civic Heart which is designed to achieve “Australian Excellence” in water and energy efficiency. To achieve this, a range of measures will be included:


  • Motion sensors will be installed in shared lobby areas and carpark levels to reduce energy consumption

  • A bike share service with a selection of bikes to cater for the different recreational needs of residents will aid in the reduction of vehicle use

  • A dedicated car share service will provide occupants with another mode of peronal transport and reduce the need for all residents to own their own vehicles

  • Multiple electric vehicle charging bays with pay as you go EV chargers will be installed to accomodate and encourage the selection of electric vehicles

  • Smart electrical meters in every apartment will allow occupants to monitor their power consumption in real time


  • The use of bubbledeck as a slab construction material reduces the use of concrete by a third

  • The installation of a centralised gas hot water system is over 65% more efficient than individual electric hot water systems

  • All plumbing fixtures are Watermark compliant and registered under the WELS scheme

  • Solar photovoltaic system provides renewable power to common areas

  • Double glazing to external apartment windows possesses excellent thermal properties that reduce the need for excessive heating and cooling

Innovation for the future

Civic Heart’s vision is to amplify South Perth’s unrivaled living experience through better connecting people and place. An innovative electric car charging station ensures

residents and visitors are part of a dynamic, sustainable modern living future. A car and bike share initiative encourages residents to experience the liberty of a lifestyle where you belong to the streets, parks, cafes and surrounds. Together with innovative services, residents have the opportunity to grow with Civic Heart as it entwines itself in South Perth’s next transformation.


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